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I'm back

I am really sorry that I haven't done
anything on this Homepage lately. I
am back now, well hopefully, and I
will update my HP with all my new
stuff pretty soon. It's goin to be a lot
of work but I'll do it asap. I have done
this new layout a while ago and I kinda
like it...tho I would like to have a new
one soon. Well I'll see.
Well anyways... I hope you're goin to
like my new stuff and I hope I see you
around. =)

26.1.08 17:39


New Layout

Finally!! The new layout is online. Well it already was online since a few weeks but I had a little bit problems with the links, cuz they didn't show up. Something was wrong with the HTML but now I finally fixed it. =)
2.5.06 23:05


well yea...this is my new page. Well I'm still working on it....atm I'm trying to make a new layout...but with the fact that I'm not really into HTML I first have to figure out all the things...but hopefully the new layout will be on pretty soon =)
14.2.06 01:07